VW Safari Bali Tour

VW Safari Bali Tour is a Bali Full Day Tour Package in Bali islands to enjoy The Amazing Journey in Bali using Classic Volkswagen Safari Car to see the beautiful tourist destination. The Volkswagen Safari Bali Tour package we offer to you is the best from other packages, we do selection from the best tourist destination and put in one package for day trip and for sure is totally satisfaction guarantee and reasonable price. Our Bali VW Safari Tour packages is include with entrance fee and lunch, so you no need to worry to buy entrance fee and lunch due we will provide for your trip, you just need to enjoy sit on chair of classic convertible Vokswagen Safari Car and enjoy the view from the Vokswagen car while the wind blow your hair and fell the sensation. Our professional Bali Tours Driver Service are friendly guiding you to visit the beautiful panorama of tourist sites and other tourist destinations by performing their outstanding for your convenience and enjoyable during VW Safari Bali Tour. Below is VW Safari Bali Tour package we offer to you for explore the beauty, hidden, and visit the amazing panorama view in Bali islands.

History of VW Safari Cars in Bali

The existence of VW cars in Bali is very rare, because there are no new releases anymore, because this means that this VW car is in great demand by classic car fans and in Bali, cars like this in Bali are used for tour trips. At the beginning of the birth of the VW safari, this car was known as the Volkswagen Type 181 type, while in America it was known as The Thing, which was produced from Germany, while this vehicle was fully made to support military activities by adopting the type 82 Kubelwagen car design which had previously been used by the German army in World War II, because the army needed a very tough vehicle for all terrain at an affordable price and easy to maintain. Because seeing this car is in great demand so this vw car in mass production and designed by Ferdinand Porsche, and in 1969 this car was sold to the market in large quantities. And in Indonesia in the 1970s, which was in the process of being developed in various fields for the progress of the country, because road access was not fully available in each region, the government decided to look for a vehicle that was strong in all fields, so it was decided to buy a VW type 181 and in Indonesia is called the VW Safari as an official vehicle for local officials. And now on the island of Bali this VW Safari car is used as transportation for tours to tourist attractions on the island of Bali.

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