Bali Swing Tour

Bali Swing Tour is an adventure tour we made for those of you who want to swing in the island of Bali with beautiful forest scenery and really feel like doing a different tour than others. Swinging in Bali is an activity that has only recently been introduced, but due to the enthusiasm of tourists who want to try this activity, it has made swinging popular among domestic and foreign tourists. If you get dizzy and don’t dare try Swing , but you want a photo with a nice background, you can try sitting in a big bird’s nest hanging over two trees. The supplier provides an escalator for going up and down to the bird’s nest, so when taking pictures in the bird’s nest, the stairs will not appear in the photo. Bali Swing Tour is a swing that you may have done in your childhood where this activity has always been a very exciting activity. In the past you might have done it at a park or at school. Remember this moment at Bali Swing on Bali Island.A very impressive feeling with this swing in Bali. What makes it unforgettable are the swinging memories immortalized in a photo because this photo will open you up to the future and remind you of the fun you had in Bali and tell a fun story to your kids and grandkids, that you rocked in Bali. Bali island. In addition to swing, there are also many exciting activities such as taking photos in a photo booth with different species and wallpapers, which are so beautiful that they will become a very meaningful photo memory in your life journey.

The interesting thing about this bali swing tour is the photos taken by the photographer here who gives you very sharp photos with very beautiful scenery on the photo shoots of this bali swing tour. In addition to the package price, you can book photo shoots here for an extra charge. In our opinion it is definitely worth it as it is a once in a lifetime experience spending time on the island of Bali also known as the island of the gods.

Capture your moment with a fun swing in Bali. Bali rocks because it is too famous and often visited and practiced by foreign or domestic tourists. So there are many Bali swings in Bali island, all in such a beautiful place and very suitable for Instagram photos. When it comes to Bali, there are some very popular travel destinations. REAL BALI SWING ENJOY THE JUNGLE SWING WITH BEAUTIFUL RIVER VIEWS AT REAL BALI SWING TOUR Real Bali Swing is the famous attraction of Bali Swing Tour and maybe the first to introduce this swing since the Real Bali Swing headquarters is located in Bongkasa village is located north of Ubud village. The choice of location for this swing is very good as it is in a pristine area with lots of greenery and the Ayung River which is used as a rafting site. The swing here with the river and forest in the background makes for a very cool background photo. With different photo points and multiple types of swings complete this swing. If you don’t like it and you get dizzy, you can always visit this place by taking photos in very instagrammable places.There are swings with a height of 10 meters, 15 meters, 20 meters and 78 meters from the ground. Due to the different heights, each swing offers a different experience. Depending on your courage, the turns are more exciting. All swings are positioned towards a tree lined valley overlooking the River. Two of Bali’s best rivers. Rafting Tour The Bali tour offers you two devastating white water rivers with medium to medium challenge to experience. As for the rivers that are commonly used for rafting, there are two rivers, each with its own characteristics:

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