Bali Swing Tour

Bali Swing Tour is an adventure activity that we created for those of you who want to enjoy swings on the island of Bali with very beautiful scenery in the forest, really the sensation of a tour that is different from the others. Swing in Bali is an activity that has just been introduced, but because of the enthusiasm of the tourists who want to try this activity making swing activities famous among domestic and foreign tourists. If you are afraid of heights and don’t dare to try Swing but want a photo with a beautiful background you can try sitting in a large bird’s nest hanging over two trees. So that you can climb and descend from a bird’s nest, the provider will provide a movable ladder, with the aim that when you are photographed sitting in a bird’s nest, the stairs are not visible in your photo.

Bali Swing Tour is a swing activity that you may have done as a child, where this activity has always been a very exciting activity to do, in the past maybe you have done it in a park or school, you can remember that moment by doing the Bali Swing on the island of Bali. A very impressive sensation in this bali swing activity. What makes it memorable are the memories in doing the swing that are immortalized in the photo, as for this photo you will open in the future and remember the fun you had in Bali, and tell a fun story to your children and grandchildren that you have swing in Bali. Bali Island. In addition to swing, there are also many exciting activities such as taking pictures in the photo booths here with various types and with such a beautiful background that will become a very meaningful photo memory in your life journey.

What’s interesting about this Bali Swing Tour is the photos produced by the photographer who is here, which produces very clear photos with a very beautiful background, as for the photo services of this Bali swing outside of the package price, you can use photo services here for an additional fee. In our opinion, it’s really worth it because this is a once in a lifetime experience where you will swing on the island of Bali which is known as the Island of the Gods. Capture your moment by doing a very fun swing activity on the island of Bali. Bali swing because it is too famous and an activity that is often visited and carried out by foreign or domestic tourists, so there are many Bali swings on the island of Bali, all of which are located in such a beautiful location and very instagrammable for photos. As for Bali, there are several very popular places.



Real Bali Swing is a famous Bali Swing Tour activity and perhaps the first to introduce this swing activity, while the location of Real Bali Swing is in Bongkasa village in the north of Ubud village. The location selection of this swing is very good, which is located in an unspoiled countryside with lots of greenery and the Ayung river which is used as a rafting place. Enjoying the swing here with the river and forest in the background will make the background of the photo very beautiful. With various places for photos and several types of swings will complete this swing activity. If you don’t like and are afraid of heights, you can still visit this place by taking pictures in very instagramable spots. There are swings with a height of 10 meters, 15 meters, 20 meters and 78 meters above the ground. Each Swing will offer a different sensation because of the different heights, which are more exciting swings depending on your courage. All swings are positioned to face a valley filled with trees, and views of the river

Real Bali Swing | Adrenaline Swing | Bali Golden Tour

Adrenaline Swing

Real Bali Swing | Bed Swing | Bali Golden Tour

Bed Swing

Real Bali Swing | Romantic Swing | Bali Golden Tour

Romantic Swing

Real Bali Swing | Single Swing | Bali Golden Tour

Single Swing

Real Bali Swing | Bird Nest | Bali Golden Tour

Bird Nest

Real Bali Swing | Chicken Nest | Bali Golden Tour

Chicken Nest

Real Bali Swing | Libra Swing | Bali Golden Tour

Libra Swing

Real Bali Swing | Lost in The Jungle | Bali Golden Tour

Lost in The Jungle

In this Real Bali Swing package you will get a variety of activities such as swing and taking picture at photo spot, where you can do once in each activity. You can do all of these activities once in each activity. The Real Bali Swing package is not included in the photographer’s fee, if you want to use the services of a photographer, there will be an additional fee. Complete your holiday in Bali islands by do this amazing activity of Bali Swing Tour.

Real Bali Swing Tour Itinerary

Morning schedule

  • 09.00 – Pick up at hotel
  • 10.30 – Enjoy Real Bali Swing
  • 12.30 – Back to hotel
  • 14.30 – Arrive at hotel

Afternoon Schedule

  • 12.30 – Pick up at hotel
  • 13.30 – Enjoy Real Bali Swing
  • 16.00 – Back to hotel
  • 17.30 – Arrive at hotel

Real Bali Swing Tour Price

  • 1 Person : IDR 850,000 (Solo Traveler)
  • 2 Person : IDR 600.000/person
  • 3 Person : IDR 550.000/person
  • 4 Person : IDR 500.000/person
  • 5 Person or More : IDR 475.000/person

Note :

  • Get Special Price for Group Booking

Real Bali Swing Tour Price Include :

  • Return Transfer with Private Car
  • Real Bali Swing Packages
  • Insurance coverage during swing

Real Bali Swing Packages Include :

  • 1 x Adrenaline Swing
  • 1 x Bed Swing
  • 1 x Romantic Swing
  • 1 x Single Swing
  • 1 x Bird Nest
  • 1 x Chicken Nest
  • 1 x Libra Swing
  • 1 x Lost in The Jungle
  • 1 x Stone in The Valey
  • 1 x Helicopter

Remarks :

  • Additional Cost for Photographer : IDR 150,000/person
  • Additional Cost for Rent Dress : IDR 250,000 /person


Area Covered for Pick Up :

Seminyak, Legian, Kuta, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Pecatu, Sanur, Ubud, Canggu, Denpasar, Benoa Harbour, Airport
Please contact us for pick up in different area.

Terms Payment

  • Payment is Cash Payment
  • Payment is on the day itself with our driver
  • Payment with other currency will convert based on daily exchange rate


  • Cancellation fee to 50% of the TOTAL payment will be charged if a confirmed booking is cancelled within one day prior to clients pick up
  • No-Show will be charge of 100% of the TOTAL payment

Privacy Policy

Your reservation is abolutely secure. All personal data is encrypted and will be processed in a secure way. Bali Golden Tour takes the privacy of your personal data very seriously. Your personal information will only be used to process your booking.


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